Health Ministry: higher COVID-19-related death rates may be due to delta strain

Health Ministry: higher COVID-19-related death rates may be due to delta strain

Higher death rates from the novel coronavirus infection, observed in Russia lately, may be due to the spread of the delta strain, which promptly causes grave complications, the health minister's aide, Alexey Kuznetsov, told the media on Thursday.

According to the latest statistics available from the federal task force for struggle against the novel coronavirus, the rate of fatalities in August repeatedly rose to record-highs above 800 a day. Over the past day, 820 COVID-2019-related deaths were registered.

"The current upsurge in the novel coronavirus infection rates that occurred in June-August 2021, is attributed to the spreading delta strain. This variety of the virus causes faster serious complications (within one or two days) such as serious pneumonia and damage to the heart, kidneys and other vital organs. Also, this strain often results in serious complications in young patients. For this reason, the lethality of COVID-19 caused by the delta strain may be higher than it was during the previous upsurges of the infection," he said.

Kuznetsov said that serious complications from the coronavirus infection were far rarer in those who had undergone vaccination.

"It is essential to stress that among the vaccinated patients the rate of hospitalizations and grave complications from COVID-19 is far lower than among the non-vaccinated. Russia's Health Ministry reminds everybody it is essential to get vaccinated to protect oneself and the near and dear ones," he concluded.


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