Heydar Jemal: Yerevan dissatisfied with Moscow and seeking support in West

Heydar Jemal: Yerevan dissatisfied with Moscow and seeking support in West

The chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, Heydar Jemal, speaking with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, explained yesterday's statement of the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan about the meaninglessness of the resumption of peace talks with Azerbaijan now by Yerevan's dissatisfaction with the Russian foreign policy in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. According to him, Yerevan started to politically blackmail Moscow.

As the expert stressed, there were several causes for the statement. "Firstly, it is a defeat of the Armenian army in Karabakh. Secondly, strong dissatisfaction with the quality of allied relations with Moscow. Thirdly, their desire to attract the attention of the West, which is exposed to the Armenian lobby, to this situation and receive its support. It is a form of blackmail and pressure on the Russian Federation. Fourthly, the desire to turn the Karabakh problem into one of the hot spots and international scandals of the first line, such as Syria, for example, since, according to Yerevan, the problem hasn't received adequate attention from the West, so more drastic events are needed, especially now, during informational calm. The sum of these factors gave rise to this statement," Heydar Jemal listed.

According to him, the main consequence of Sargsyan's refusal to resume peace negotiations is the inevitable return to clashes on the frontline. "The statement of the Armenian President makes a big difference in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as it reduces the space for political maneuvering for both sides and leaves no other choice except to get back to a military solution. And further only God will judge between them as the final arbiter," the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia pointed out.

The military way is not beneficial to Armenia itself, because it will be defeated, so the refusal to negotiate would not be indefinite. "Everything depends on the next stages of military operations. It is not clear what measures Yerevan will take. Azerbaijan also made mistakes in military terms, its tactical victory was due to surprise, it demonstrated the need to improve the quality of the armed forces and increase the coherence of the troops actions. In general, the further course of military clashes is unpredictable, but in the long term it is clear that Armenia will lose," Geidar Jemal explained.

The expert stressed once again that Russia is one of the main recipients of Sargsyan's statement. "He's definitely dissatisfied with Moscow's partnership with Baku, an equal position in terms of weapons, supply of large quantities of weapons to Azerbaijan. Armenia simply does not understand that, firstly, Azerbaijan has created its own military-industrial base, and secondly, it is able to purchase weapons not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Israel, and China. Russia holds its share in the market, which in any case will be saturated and otherwise will turn to others. The objective situation is that Armenia is dissatisfied with Russia," he concluded.


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