Hillary Clinton: 'I'd Like to Be President'

Hillary Clinton: 'I'd Like to Be President'

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave mixed signals on whether she’s considering another presidential run.

During an interview with the technology website Recode, Clinton initially said "no" when asked whether she wanted to run for president again. She then paused and repeated "no."

But after it Clinton seemed to reconsider her response, saying that a major task of the next Democratic president will be improving the international standing of the United States.

"Well, I’d like to be president. The work would be work that I feel very well prepared for having been at the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat in the State Department, and it’s just going to be a lot of heavy lifting," the New York Times cited her as saying.

Clinton said she wouldn’t consider a possible run in 2020 until after the midterm elections next week.

"I’m not even going to even think about it until we get through this Nov. 6 election. But I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure we have a Democrat in the White House come January of 2021," she added.


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