Hillary Clinton alleges Putin knows how to 'manipulate' people due to KGB past

Hillary Clinton alleges Putin knows how to 'manipulate' people due to KGB past

During an appearance at OZY Fest, a music, politics, ideas, and food festival, in New York City, Hillary Clinton has rebuked President Donald Trump for his performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin earlier this week, warning that the US risked “losing friends and allies.”

Addressing this week’s burning topic, the 2016 Democratic candidate has once again brought up the issue of Russia’s alleged meddling in the US presidential election, having dismissed Trump’s handling of the matter in talks with Putin as “really distressing and alarming.”

“It was a very broad and a very successful cyberattack on our electoral system. The attack goes to the heart of our democracy. The great mystery is why the president has not spoken up for our country,” she said, adding that the purported attacks “should concern every single American.”

Speaking with Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of Emerson Collective, Clinton further wondered why Trump hadn’t confronted Putin over the alleged interference.

“It doesn’t seem our president even cares. […] Vladimir Putin has a very clear strategy. As a former KGB spy, he is quite adept at reading people and understands how to manipulate them. He [Trump] wants to be friends with Putin for reasons we are all trying to figure out. […] It’s alarming, and it is alarming on many, many levels,” she alleged, Sputnik reports.