'Holland' no longer exists in 2020

'Holland' no longer exists in 2020

From January 1, the Netherlands will officially drop “Holland” from all literature and marketing materials, so the country will only be referred to be its official name.

The move comes as part of a wider rebranding campaign that, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, will set the country back a whopping €200,000.

Companies, embassies, ministries ad universities will only be allowed to officially use the name the Netherlands from this month.

According to reports, the plans are a push towards updating Holland’s international image and attract more tourism.

It is hoped that the rebrand will be a success ahead of the country’s hosting of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest and its participation in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Additionally, the rebrand “aims to put an end to large numbers of visitors on cheap flights, particularly to Amsterdam, and promote more sustainable and respectful travel.”

This is part of a long-term push to clamp down on too much tourism in Amsterdam and promote the rest of the country, Express reported.

The news follows a drive earlier this year to decrease tourism number in the city which saw the government set out plans banning tours to the city’s Red Light District.