Hulusi Akar: Turkey will continue to support Azerbaijan

Hulusi Akar: Turkey will continue to support Azerbaijan

The crimes committed by Armenia, including the Khojaly genocide, remain in the memory of people, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulusi Akar said during speech in the Turkish parliament.

"Armenia's strikes against Azerbaijani civilian targets on September 27 was the last straw that overflowed the cup of patience," Akar said.

"Azerbaijan launched a counteroffensive since September 27 to liberate its lands from occupation. Azerbaijani lands were liberated in 44 days, but people will talk about this victory for years to come. A ceasefire agreement was signed on November 10. The Turkish president discussed the terms of the ceasefire with the Russian president, providing the necessary support in this matter," he added.

The minister reminded that the Victory Day will be celebrated in Azerbaijan on November 8, the day of the liberation of Shusha city, not on November 10, because on this day Turkey commemorates its National Leader Ataturk.

"For such a reverent attitude, I express my gratitude to all our Azerbaijani brothers headed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Thus, it was once again demonstrated that Azerbaijan is both in joy and in sorrow next to Turkey, according to the motto ‘one nation, two states’. Turkey will continue to use all opportunities to support the Azerbaijani brothers," Akar conclded.