Huntsman: door to dialogue with Russia open (VIDEO)

Huntsman: door to dialogue with Russia open (VIDEO)

The door to dialogue between Russia and the United States is open, US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman said in a statement published on the official Twitter page of the US Embassy in Russia.

He acknowledged that these are difficult times in the US-Russia relationship.

Huntsman recalled that earlier this week Washington and its allies "took action" against Moscow in connection with the "unbelievably dangerous events" that played out on the street of Salisbury, England, where a nerve agent was used.

"This kind of event cannot go unresponded. I'v also said that despite our outrage with the Russian government's behavior, the bonds between our peoples remain strong. The door to dialogue is still open," Huntsman said.

The ambassador said that the most enjoyable thing he's been able to do over the last six months while in Moscow is engage in meeting average Russian citizens and urged to ask him new questions on the US Embassy page on Twitter.


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