Huseyin Dirioz: Russia-Azerbaijan relations important for regional stability

Huseyin Dirioz: Russia-Azerbaijan relations important for regional stability

Turkey's Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Huseyin Dirioz, completing his diplomatic mission in Russia, summed up results of the development of Russian-Turkish and Azerbaijani-Turkish relations during his work in Moscow, speaking with Vestnik Kavkaza. He was appointed as Turkish Ambassador to Moscow in Autumn 2016.

"Russia-Turkey relations during my two years here developed very well. We don’t speak about normalization anymore because everything is normal. So we have finished that stage," the Turkish Ambassador to Russia said in the first place.

"We are now looking forward and looking further in our relations. And in our opinion, we are at a very good pace at political level, economic level and social level, including between academicians, students, cultural groups, intellectual groups, think-tanks, etc, and in cultural area. So relations are developing and there is more potential of course. So I am proud that relations come to this level and I hope that it will exceed to better heights," Huseyin Dirioz said.

He also welcomed the Russian-Azerbaijani partnership. "Turkey and Azerbaijan are in good relations. We are happy to see that Russia-Azerbaijan relations are also developing which is important for stability of the region, it’s for the benefit of the region. So we are happy to see that they develop," the ambassador concluded.


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