ICESCO: Shusha could be declared cultural capital of Islamic world

ICESCO: Shusha could be declared cultural capital of Islamic world

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) proposed to declare Azerbaijan’s Shusha city as the cultural capital of the Islamic world, ICESCO Director General Salim Al-Malik said at a press conference at ADA.

"I am confident that this will become possible in the future. We will achieve the promotion of the story of Azerbaijan’s success in other countries," Al-Malik said.

He noted that Azerbaijan has always supported ISESCO.

The ISESCO general director said that the destruction of the cities that they saw in the liberated lands of Azerbaijan is a crime against humanity. In the city of Fuzuli, there are not even whole roads left, and in Aghdam, there are only remnants of cultural monuments.

Mohammad al-Malik said they came to support the government of Azerbaijan. "While visiting the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from the Armenian occupation, we saw destroyed cities, demolished cultural and historical monuments. These crimes must be tried in court, because this is an atrocity committed against humanity. Once Aghdam was a city full of people. Now there are only ruins," he said.


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