Igor Morozov: the future belongs to a multi-polar world

Igor Morozov: the future belongs to a multi-polar world

Today the Vestnik Kavkaza studio has been visited by a member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, a representative of the executive body of state power of the Ryazan Region, Igor Morozov. He described the Russian point of view on key events on the international agenda, including the referendum in Greece and the final negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna, as well as the SCO and BRICS summits in Ufa.

Igor Morozov pointed out the prospects of extending the Eurasian Economic Union. "Since 2010, the integration processes in the former Soviet Union have intensified due to the formation of the Customs Union. We worked on this project for about two and a half years. The Customs Union has shown us that these are the three most-developed economies on post-Soviet territory. Recall the first results of the CU in 2011: the internal trade turnover grew by 43%, and the external contour turnover increased by 28-29%. This showed us that we need to promote the integration process further,’’ the senator said.

According to the idea of ​​deepening integration, the Eurasian Economic Union  was established in 2012. ‘‘The Eurasian Economic Union was the next stage of integration, in which we have a single market of medicines, energy and transport services with continuous access to the Monetary Union. Today we don’t speak about a common currency, but a monetary union implies the intensification of a national currency conversion of all settlements and access to foreign markets. By 2020 we will reach a new stage of integration,’’ Igor Morozov concluded.


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