Ilham Aliyev: main problem of CSTO is Armenia

Ilham Aliyev: main problem of CSTO is Armenia

The main problem, if there is a problem in the CSTO, is Armenia itself and the problems it has created, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with Ambassador of Belarus to Azerbaijan Gennady Akhramovich.

"Of course, we are observing the situation in our region. We also closely observed the CSTO summit recently held in Kazakhstan. We are not indifferent to this, which I think is quite understandable because Armenia is a country that has occupied the territories of Azerbaijan. Of course, we are not indifferent to the issue of who, a representative of which country, heads the CSTO, which is a military-political organization. The discussion of these issues between partners and friends is natural. We are discussing other issues of international politics. This should not cause any manias in Armenia," AzerTAc cited Ilham Aliyev as saying.

"We consider the recent statements of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as completely inadmissible in international practice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot comment on the actions and words of the president of another country, especially since it is considered an ally, and describe them as being incorrect. Such behavior of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia is incorrect. Apparently, this is the result of a wrong perception of the world and its own place on the world map. At the same time, as you know, the Armenian side has stated that there is a problem in the CSTO. Maybe, they are right in that," the head of state stressed.

"First of all, these problems are Armenia itself and the problems it has created. Of course, we were a little wary of the appointment of a representative of Armenia to the post of secretary general of the CSTO. First, because this state conducts a hostile policy against Azerbaijan, and second, due to the identity of the candidate who was prosecuted for his actions," he added.

"We have no doubt, so to speak, about the qualities this character possessed and still possesses. Suffice it to recall his shameful behavior during the battles between the Azerbaijani and Armenian armies, which ended in a bitter defeat for the Armenian army, the army led by the former CSTO secretary general,” he added. “In other words, the very appointment of this person to such an important international organization as the CSTO somewhat discredited the organization. And the way this man was expelled with criminal prosecution is quite unique in international practice when an international clerk was brought to justice like that without sending any notification to member countries. So, I want to say again that the main problem, if there is a problem in the CSTO, is Armenia itself and the problems it has created," President Aliyev stressed.


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