Ilham Aliyev: ties between Hungary and Azerbaijan are at a very high level

Ilham Aliyev: ties between Hungary and Azerbaijan are at a very high level

The official visit of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Baku has come to an end. Following its results, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev noted that Hungary is a very close and friendly state for his country.

It is known that during the visit Ilham Aliyev and Viktor Orban exchanged views on many political and economic issues.

The Azerbaijani President noted that political relations between Baku and Budapest are at a very high level. So, in late 2014 the countries signed a declaration on strategic partnership. It underlines the fact that bilateral relations are of a strategic nature between the two countries. "Relations between the European Union and Azerbaijan are developing successfully, and I am confident that Hungary will continue to consistently support the development of these relations,’’ he said.

The Azerbaijani leader highlighted the work of the Intergovernmental Commission, noting that many of the issues may be solved within its framework.

"I am glad that last year exports between Hungary in Azerbaijan increased. It is an excellent indicator. Today we exchanged views on many specific projects. We are cooperating in the field of energy. The cooperation between SOCAR and MOL has already had a good history and it should reach a new level,’’ Ilham Aliyev said, noting that Azerbaijan plays a leading role in ensuring energy security of Europe and the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor, which is a project of diversification of energy supplies.

The Azerbaijani President stressed that Hungary has an interesting experience in agriculture, as it is developed at a very high level. Ilham Aliyev stressed that the development of the agricultural sector is a priority for Azerbaijan, which is why the parties have great opportunities for cooperation.

"The overall result is that today Hungary and Azerbaijan reaffirm their strategic partnership once again. Yesterday we signed documents on intergovernmental relations and specific projects within the framework of the business forum, which are to make us closer to each other. We want this. Hungary is a close, friendly country for us,’’ Ilham Aliyev summed up the results, adding that friendly relations were also established between him and Viktor Orban.

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that over the past 20 years of development, Azerbaijan has achieved impressive results that inspire respect and reverence.

"We don’t conceal the fact that we highly appreciate the efforts of President Iljham Aliyev. Because we see significant dynamic of development, and it is due to the great efforts of Azerbaijan, senior officials in Azerbaijan, the people as a whole. However, progress is not always easily recognized in the world. There may be many reasons, but sooner or later efforts and success allow us to know about it. I can see these results in Azerbaijan,’’ he said, noting that over the past 2-3 years Azerbaijan's influence on the international political arena has grown in many ways due to the fact that the country with rich national spiritual traditions takes special elements of European values ​​and becomes an indispensable wealth.

Viktor Orban also said that Azerbaijan is properly adapted to changes due to low energy prices, and this opens new opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries.

"I consider that Azerbaijan is a country which is to come out of this period with an even stronger position. It will build a diversified economy, and Hungary intends to participate in this process. The same is expected in the sphere of business. We will teach your students to our country to strengthen our relations. I paid a visit here to express these thoughts," Hungarian Prime Minister stated, thanking the leadership of Azerbaijan for the invitation to visit the country.


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