Ingushetia celebrates its 25th anniversary

Ingushetia celebrates its 25th anniversary

Celebrations dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Ingushetia will be held today in all cities and regions of the republic.

A nationwide Ingush referendum was held in 1991 to restoration the statehood through the formation of the Ingush Republic as part of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). On June 4, 1992, a decision to form a republic was made. The authorities of the region postponed the main anniversary celebrations to July 11.

The number of tourists visiting the country increased 20 times over the past three years, tourism revenues have increased more than 25 times over the same period. The growth of industrial production in Ingushetia was 21% last year. Over the past year, 22 new schools and six kindergartens have been built in the republic, and a number of large industrial facilities have been launched. Large health facilities and sports facilities were built in a few years.

"Republican festivities timed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the republic's formation will be held at the Alania Square in Magas," the press service of the Government of Ingushetia said. In particular, a march of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of the Russian Federation, students of the Mountain Cadet Corps and athletes will be held. Also guests of the festival may visit the honey festival, the fair of national cuisine and a concert with the participation of art masters of Ingushetia, creative collectives of the North Caucasus and other Russian regions.

The events dedicated to the anniversary of the republic will be held in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in various regions of Russia and in a number of European countries with Ingush diasporas.