Ingushetia mulls economic cooperation issues with Qatar

Ingushetia mulls economic cooperation issues with Qatar

Russia's Republic of Ingushetia is planning to explore investment opportunities for the establishment of food and agriculture manufacturing facilities in Qatar, the  republic’s Minister of Economic Development Umalat Torshkhoev said. 

At the same time, Ingushetia is also keen on forging partnerships with Qatari businessmen for the establishment of similar facilities in the republic that would export various products to Qatar.

Torshkhoev was part of a business delegation led by Ingushetia President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and Senator Belan Khamchiev, who met with Qatar Chamber vice-chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari and other chamber officials.

"We would like to work with Qatari businessmen in different ways and this includes the establishment of manufacturing facilities in Qatar, specifically in the fields of agriculture and food," Gulf Times cited Torshkhoev as saying.

In a speech, Yevkurov encouraged Qatar Chamber and other Qatari businessmen to explore investment opportunities in Ingushetia’s agriculture, tourism, and industrial sectors. Aside from Qatar Chamber, Yevkurov and his delegation also met with officials of the Qatari Businessmen Association, and other companies.

Torshkhoev, who noted that they are expecting Qatari business delegations to visit Ingushetia "within the year", said the republic is also keen on realising joint projects with Qatari businessmen for the export of "low-priced but high-quality" national products to Qatar.

During a presentation, Torshkhoev stressed that there is "ample opportunity" for the implementation of joint investment projects with representatives of Qatar’s business community. He said some of the projects that were already realised include an aluminium production factory, production of polymer pipes, production of energy efficient equipment, and a garment factory.

In the field of recreation and tourism, Torshkhoev said future development of industries is expected to be carried out for two large-scale projects, which include the construction of hotels, cottages, cable cars, palace, golf club, and recreational facilities for tourists.

"We are also interested in supplying Qatar with various products from intensively developing sectors of the republic’s economy such as honey, fruits, vegetables, meat, natural and carbonated and non-carbonated drinking water, including industrial products," he added.

Al-Kuwari, in a speech, expressed the keenness of the private sector to strengthen relations of cooperation with Ingushetia in all fields, especially economic and trade.


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