Iran accuses US of using embassies for espionage

Iran accuses US of using embassies for espionage

Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bahram Ghasemi rejected the anti-Iranian claims of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in UAE, describing his remarks as baseless and ridiculous in line with media hype and psychological warfare against Iran.

"The embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran act within the framework of international conventions," Ghasemi stressed.

The spokesman ascertained that Iranian embassies in foreign countries are concentrating efforts to broaden bilateral ties within the framework of the international conventions and are doing their best to develop friendly and intimate ties with host countries.

Ghasemi reassured that bringing up new claims against diplomatic activities of the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran is another US plot to ruin Iran’s foreign relations.

"Mr. Pompeo is making these baseless claims while there are numerous pieces of evidence published and released proving that US embassies in different countries have been conducting espionage and sabotage operations with camouflaging hundreds of military and intelligence personnel as diplomats," the Mehr news agency cited the spokesman as saying.

"The contemporary history is replete with cases of such kinds of illegal, illegitimate, and abnormal activities against the international conventions and guidelines to destruct foreign relations with host countries and interfere in the domestic affairs of them," Ghasemi concluded.


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