Iran and five delegates seek to save nuclear deal

Iran and five delegates seek to save nuclear deal

Senior diplomats from Iran and five world powers (Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany) showed their determination to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) the Iran nuclear deal at the special meeting of the Joint Commission of parties to the JCPOA. This was announced at the end of the meeting by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to International Organisations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov, who represented the Russian delegation.

"We received a positive impression from the meeting," TASS cited him as saying. Mainly it was due to the fact that "the unity of the joint commission's remaining members and their determination to achieve salvation and fulfillment of the nuclear deal were clearly demonstrated," Ulyanov specified.

"In particular, they agreed to focus more attention on the issue of minimizing damage from US extraterritorial sanctions," he added.

Following the meeting, "there are grounds for cautious optimism, although there are many problems," the Russian permanent representative said.


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