Iran doubts U.S. will to return to JCPOA

Iran doubts U.S. will to return to JCPOA

Top Iranian nuclear negotiator, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani said there are serious doubts about the real will of the U.S .to fulfill its obligations under the Iran nuclear deal.

Speaking at the meeting with the European Union coordinator of nuclear talks Enrique Mora in Tehran, Bagheri also criticized the inaction of the European parties in fulfilling their obligations under the Iran nuclear deal and stressed the need for them to act responsibly.

He emphasized that Iran has always proved to be a responsible player in the international arena, while the behavior of the other side shows that it is far from being a responsible player.

Bagheri added that the side showing more responsibility is closer to the negotiating table. IFP reported.

Referring to the Iran nuclear talks in Vienna, Bagheri noted that achieving tangible results is important for Iran. He said Tehran is always ready for serious negotiations that result in a practical agreement and not merely a paper agreement.

Enrique Mora also explained his task as the EU Coordinator, announcing his readiness to cooperate with Iran and other parties in order to continue negotiations to achieve a result acceptable to all parties.

In the end, the two sides agreed that the consultations between them on issues of mutual interest would continue in the coming days in Brussels.

Bilateral relations, regional issues, including developments in Afghanistan and Yemen, as well as talks on lifting sanctions on Iran, were also discussed in the meeting between the Iranian and EU officials.


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