Iran presents 12 ballistic rockets

Iran presents 12 ballistic rockets

Twelve ballistic rockets were exhibited at Imam Khomeini's Mosalla in Tehran.

During the “Eghtedar 40” military exhibition, which marks the 40-th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, 12 ballistic rockets were exhibited, including 'Khorramshahr', 'Sejjil', 'Ghadr F' and 'Ghadr H', 'Qiam', 'Shahab 1', 'Shahab 2', 'Zelzal', 'Zolfaghar', 'Hormoz' and 'Khalij Fars'.

Iranian Toophan M-3 and Toophan-7 anti-tank guided missiles were also part of the exhibition, Trend reported.

Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of Iran Mohammad Bagheri said that the military hardware presented at the exhibition is demonstrative of the achievements of the Iranian Armed Forces.


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