Iran's watchdog certifies Rouhani's re-election

Iran's watchdog certifies Rouhani's re-election

Iran's Guardian Council of the Constitution certified President Hassan Rouhani's reelection as fair, the spokesman of the interior ministry, Salman Samani, said.

"The Guardian Council confirmed today in a letter the results of the 12th presidential election in Iran," Reuters cited the spokesman as saying.

Rouhani secured reelection for a second term in the May 19 vote, winning more than 57% of the vote. 

Ebrahim Raisi has accused Rouhani of inappropriately using state media and government offices for campaign purposes. He also protested against the voting procedure, accusing the interior ministry of not sending enough ballot papers to cities and villages where he had the most support.

The ministry has denied the allegations, saying that long queues affected all cities and millions of people could not cast their votes despite standing in line for hours.


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