Iran says three border guards killed by ‘terrorists’

Iran says three border guards killed by ‘terrorists’

Three Iranian border guards were killed and two others wounded in a firefight with “terrorists” in the northwest of the country, Macau Business reports citing state news agency IRNA.

“Armed counter-revolutionary elements… started a firefight with a number of Urmia regiment’s border guards in the afternoon,” said West Azerbaijan province’s border guard commander Yahya Hosseinkhani on Friday night.

It occurred in the vicinity of Tergever, some 16 kilometres (10 miles) from Iran’s far northwestern border with Turkey.

Iran’s West Azerbaijan province also borders Iraqi Kurdistan.

They “repelled the terrorists and prevented their infiltration” into Iran and caused “significant casualties” to them, he added.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said in August that its forces killed three “terrorist” gunmen it claimed had links to the United States who tried to infiltrate its territory through the same province.

The Islamic republic’s west and northwest areas have seen sporadic clashes between its forces and Kurdish rebels in past years.


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