Iran to increase gasoline production, Zanganeh says

Iran to increase gasoline production, Zanganeh says

Zanganeh said on Monday that the third phase of Persian Gulf Star Refinery (PGSR), in the city of Bandar Abbas, southern Hormozgan province, will go into full swing in the coming weeks, which will increase the country’s gasoline output to over 100 million liters per day, Mehr news agency reports.

According to previous reports, Iran's gasoline output currently stands at 95-97 million liters per day. This will help the country become self-sufficient in meeting domestic demands, as Iranians burn around 100 million liters of the strategic fuel every day.

The key refinery was designed to help complete the value-added chain in the oil and gas industries.

PGSR, which is described as the Middle East's largest refinery, is built in three phases. Each phase is designed to produce 12 million liters per day of high-octane gasoline and diesel, as part of efforts to wean Iran away from the fuels' import.


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