Iran to unveil new fighter jet

Iran to unveil new fighter jet

Iran will unveil a new fighter jet on August 22 to mark Iran’s Defense Industry Day, the country’s defense minister Brig.-Gen. Amir Hatami said.

"A plane, which has passed several stages, will be presented on the Defense Industry Day and people will see the fighter jet flying from a close distance as well as the equipment used for its manufacture," Press TV cited Hatami as saying.

The aircraft’s components would also be put on display.

While it was not revealed which jet Hatami was referring to, it is believed to be the locally-produced Qaher (Dominant) F-313, which Tehran began testing last year.

The single-seat twin engine stealth jet is reported be equipped with additional fuel tanks and internal bomb bays, as well as the ability to land on short runways. Local Iranian reports said the aircraft can also fly at low altitude and fly close air support and reconnaissance missions.