Iranian President: Zarif nullified US plot

 Iranian President: Zarif nullified US plot

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani thanked Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif for what he has done during the past 4 years to safeguard national interests.

Rouhani said that the foreign minister and his team made a lot of efforts about Hajj issue with the Saudis and today Iranians can take part in the holy pilgrimage, and they also tried hard for the war in the region to abate.

On the international affairs, he referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and attracting of foreign investment, IRNA reported.

He added although the US could have never used the war choice, it still distracted us and had kept it like a sword of Damocles over our head, but Zarif removed it, Rouhani said. 

'The sword' consisted of UN resolutions, IAEA's board of governors and Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, he said. 

Referring to the fact that many people think the nuclear deal is just an economic deal, he said that it is primarily a security deal that obviated US conspiracies and stabilized our nuclear rights.


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