Is EU starting new game with Armenia?

Is EU starting new game with Armenia?

In recent days the EU Council has decided to give the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federico Mogherini all the powers necessary for conducting negotiations on a new agreement with Armenia. It is planned to start it before the end of the year.  

The new document should be legally binding and comprehensive in order to replace the current agreement on partnership and cooperation between the EU and Armenia. 

"The EU is determined to continue to develop and strengthen comprehensive cooperation with Armenia in all spheres of mutual interest, as well as in the framework of the Eastern Partnership,’’ Interfax-Azerbaijan cites the resolution of the EU Council.

The general director of the Caucasus Institute, Alexander Iskandaryan, said in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, "it is like a continuation of the phase of negotiations between Armenia and the European Union on the Association Agreement." ‘‘After this, Armenia joined the Customs Union, which became the Eurasian Union,’’  he reminded. 

The director of the EAEC Institute, Vladimir Lepekhin, drew attention to the fact that "Armenia's European orientation presupposes the development of relations with those countries which depend on its economic development." 

"In principle, the EU does not want Armenia to develop bilateral economic relations with some countries, such as France (Armenia has very close relations with it, as well as a lot of agreements with this country), or Greece.

According to the director of the Armenian branch of the CIS Institute, Alexander Markarov, "a zero option of associated contracts was discussed for a long period of time." "It was planned to start negotiations with the European Commission on the issue of signing a new contract after talks in Vilnius, which would include elements of each parties. But in view of the situational changes due to Armenia joining the Eurasian Economic Union, we should not exclude provisions in the agreement in respect of political cooperation between Armenia and the European Union, as well as their economic cooperation,’’ he said.



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