Israel foils alleged plot to blow up Australian plane

Israel foils alleged plot to blow up  Australian plane

Israeli intelligence foiled an alleged plot by the ISIS group to blow up a plane from Sydney using a device smuggled inside a meat mincer, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

"The Israeli intelligence services thwarted the downing of an Australian plane, an unimaginable slaughter," the Israeli leader said, addressing an American Jewish conference in Jerusalem.

"This would have caused a major disruption in global air transport and this is only one of dozens of terrorist attacks we have foiled around the world," the Guardian cited Netanyahu as saying.

Israel's army said one of its intelligence units, named 8200, provided the information in 2017 leading to the arrest of Isis militants who were working "toward the execution of the attack".

The elite unit gathers and analyses intelligence using sophisticated information technology. The Israeli military said thwarting the alleged attack “saved the lives of dozens” but did not say which flight had been targeted.


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