Israel's nurses go on strike over staff shortage

Israel's nurses go on strike over staff shortage

The National Association of Nurses went on strike on Monday over staff shortage and poor working conditions, which have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, after failing to reach an agreement with the Finance Ministry.

The strike went into effect on Monday at 7 A.M. after the nurses' negotiations with Finance Ministry representatives broke down on Sunday, Haaretz reported.

Operating rooms will work similarly to the way they do on weekends, and afternoon surgeries will be canceled – except for urgent operations approved by the committee for exceptions.

Nursing staff will work according to weekend staffing levels in all inpatient wards. Intensive care departments will have a limited nursing staff, as will neonatal intensive care units, maternity rooms, dialysis, oncology and fertility departments. But coronavirus testing and treatment will continue with full staffing.

The government’s public health services will operate on a limited basis and only in urgent cases. Community HMOs will provide only the following services: Home treatments, insulin injections, fertility treatments, oncology and gastroenterology treatments and outpatient services.