Israfil Ashurly tells Vesti FM about Azerbaijan

Israfil Ashurly tells Vesti FM about Azerbaijan

Today on air in the program "From the Pope to the end of the world» on Vesti FM, dedicated to travelling with children. Israfil Ashurly, businessman, traveler, as well as president of the Azerbaijan Mountaineering Federation, and expert of Vestnik Kavkaza Ekaterina Zhukova, who told radio listeners about Azerbaijan.


Israfil Ashurly underlined that Azerbaijanis love children. ‘‘You can see it, just walk along the seafront of Baku, you will see a lot of fathers with their children. I underline the word fathers. They work and earn money, and despite that, they always find time to spend time with their babies. The southern peoples have always been attentive to children, parents, and the elderly. The better you look after your children in childhood, the better they will take care of you in your old age. These things are tied together," he noted.


Ekaterina Zhukova recommended seeing children in Azerbaijan at the beginning of your journey in Baku. "It is a modern city, secular, chic, with new architecture. The Old City keeps on saving its local colour. As for other monuments, they have been carefully restored with incredible tact."


"All the cultural heritage received from their ancestors, Azerbaijanis are trying to save for the next generation. There are craftsmenwhose shops have existed about 5-6 generations. They form the soul of the people and save the soul of the city. This is very important, because it reflects the respect and honor of the nation. I'll tell you such a story: once upon a time I had to go to the City about 1 am. There were  many travelers, children, and all the shops, cafes and attractions were open. I was surprised and asked: 'Are not you afraid?'. They answered: 'Afraid of what? Baku is the safest city.' It is also very clean," Zhukova added.