It will never end well, Trump says

It will never end well, Trump says

U.S. President Donald Trump is suggesting that his decision to kill Iran’s top general was meant to pressure Tehran to negotiate an end to its nuclear program and military interference in other countries, The Globe and Mail reports.

“Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!” the President tweeted Friday morning.

According to the Globe and Mail, an hour later, Mr. Trump followed up on Twitter that Mr. Soleimani “should have been taken out many years ago!”, claimed Iranians themselves would be happy to see him gone and complained about the “Billions of Dollars a year” the U.S. has poured into Iraq. “The people of Iraq don’t want to be dominated & controlled by Iran, but ultimately, that is their choice. Over the last 15 years, Iran has gained more and more control over Iraq, and the people of Iraq are not happy with that,” he wrote. “It will never end well!”