Italian PM assesses importance of G20 summits

Italian PM assesses importance of G20 summits

Summits of G20 leaders cannot always bring about groundbreaking results, but the forum provides a unique opportunity for holding important discussions, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said.

"G20 is an important format because it allows the leaders of top 20 biggest economies to discuss global challenges. In Japan, we touched upon the burning issue of climate change, problems of high-quality infrastructure facilities, together we contemplated how digital technologies are changing system links on the labor market," the PM believes.

"All those topics are of utmost importance," the head of the Italian government stressed.

"Naturally, one shouldn’t expect such discussions to bear great fruit, but the dialogue in itself and agreement on key issues are very important," TASS cited him as saying.

Conte pointed out that G20 summits are meant to shape the most suitable policy, which "encourages something or, on the contrary, does not encourage something", as well as to provide an idea of "how we can steer the future development for the benefit of our citizens, how our coordinates are changing."


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