James Reduta: agricultural products subject to strict requirements these days

James Reduta: agricultural products subject to strict requirements these days

The 27th International Food Exhibition WorldFood has opened in Moscow at Expocentre. The guests were offered more than 20 events on topics relevant to the food industry.

According to organizers, there have been serious changes in the food sector over the past year. In particular, buyers have become more demanding about products.

The Grand European Express restaurant chef James Reduta told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza that there is a demand for fresh products in the industry, but not all firms can guarantee good quality on an ongoing basis. "Because of this, we must constantly visit such exhibitions, events, in order to expand the range of our partner firms," the chef said.

According to him, there is intense competition in the market of agricultural products, which is focused on the restaurant business. "Everything depends on the product itself, what it's like. Each country, each city produces its own kinds of products, and everyone seeks to surpass competitors," Reduta said.

He added that the current trend is using the place where the product was produced in its name.

"The more a guest knows about the product, the more interested he will be in trying it. If you write ordinary tomatoes - well, it will be common tomatoes. And if they specify what kind of tomatoes these are, naturally, you want to try it," Reduta said, adding that he liked how the Azerbaijani products were presented at the exhibition.


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