Jeyhun Bayramov to UN: we believe int'l community to help restore good-neighborly relations in South Caucasus

Jeyhun Bayramov to UN: we believe int'l community to help restore good-neighborly relations in South Caucasus

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov delivered a speech at the High-Level Segment of the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council, according to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

“I would like to congratulate Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan on her appointment as the President of the Human Rights Council and wish her every success in her upcoming endeavors,” Bayramov said.

“Our session takes place in a time when the COVID-19 continues to pose a major challenge to humanity,” the Azerbaijani foreign minister added. “Azerbaijan immediately responded to the pandemic and implemented effective containment measures to halt the spread of COVID-19 by adopting human rights-based approach to ensuing socio-economic problems.”

“Azerbaijan did not confine its efforts to domestic achievements,” Bayramov said. “The Government of Azerbaijan has donated $5 million to the World Health Organization in support of global efforts and additional $5 million in its capacity as the Chair of NAM to support the most affected NAM countries. Azerbaijan has also provided urgent humanitarian aid to more than 30 affected countries on a bilateral basis.”

“The special session of the UN General Assembly on COVID-19 convened upon the initiative of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in his capacity as the incumbent Chair of NAM, on December 3-4, 2020 reaffirmed the importance of coordinated global response based on unity, multilateral cooperation, solidarity and respect for human rights,” Bayramov said.

“The international community needs to act now in solidarity, not only to respond to the ongoing health crisis, but also to build a just and sustainable future,” Bayramov said. “The president of Azerbaijan, in this regard, expressed his serious concern over unequal and unfair distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 between developing and developed countries. Using this opportunity we call on all states, international organizations, international donor community, vaccine producers and other stakeholders to ensure affordable, unhindered, timely and equitable access by all countries to the vaccines against COVID-19.”

“Strengthening democracy and protection of human rights are among top priorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” the minister added. “The ongoing reforms carried out in the country encompass wide range of activities, including the recent initiation of dialogue with political parties, support to the development of media, creating better conditions for people with disabilities, empowerment of women and youth, widening the scope of transparent and efficient public service delivery.”

“In order to support the important work of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Azerbaijan regularly makes and will continue to make financial contributions to the OHCHR. We recognize the important role of the special procedure mandate holders of the Human Rights Council in promoting human rights through cooperation and dialogue with Member States. Therefore we have extended standing invitation to all mandate holders,” he said.

“The 2021 has been proclaimed as the International Year of Peace and Trust by the relevant UNGA resolution,” the minister said. “This year will also be remarkable for Azerbaijan since it enters into post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation phase following the liberation of its territories from almost 30 years lasting occupation.”

“Having exploited the political settlement process, as well as Azerbaijan’s commitment to this process for almost 30 years, Armenia took consistent steps to consolidate the results of occupation of territories of Azerbaijan aiming at their annexation,” Bayramov said. “This included, among others, settling people in the occupied lands, destruction, pillage and looting of historical and cultural heritage, illegal exploitation of natural resources, misappropriation of private and public property in the seized lands. Series of grave crimes have been committed by Armenia against the civilian population of Azerbaijan, as well as its cultural heritage and infrastructure throughout the years of occupation.”

The minister then reminded about the recent aggression by Armenia starting from 27 September 2020 against Azerbaijan.

“For this purpose Armenia deliberately attacked the densely populated civilian settlements of Azerbaijan located far from the conflict zone, as a result of which 101 civilians were killed more than 400 were seriously injured,” Bayramov said. “There have also been undeniable facts depicting a number of human rights violations by Armenian servicemen against Azerbaijani captives, including acts of humiliation and ill-treatment, such as physical assault, verbal abuse, executions through beheadings, and ill-treatment of dead bodies.”

“Azerbaijan is determined to take all measures stemming from its rights under relevant bilateral and multilateral mechanisms to bring the perpetrators of those crimes to justice,” the minister said.

“Armenia in an open attempt to cover-up its above-mentioned wrongdoings, brazenly accuses Azerbaijan of the same with a view to diverting the attention of the international community, and to that end carries out a massive campaign of fake news,” Bayramov said. “UN human rights mechanisms, including the OHCHR, treaty bodies and mandate holders have also been subjected by Armenia to its fake propaganda.”

According to him, Baku believes that the international community led by the UN will be able to play an important role in supporting the implementation of the Trilateral Statement, which aims to restore good-neighborly relations in the region.


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