Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

Russia's Kalashnikov Concern is developing the technology of an electric supercar, which is expected to become a competitor of world leaders in this field, including Tesla, the company said.

"We are developing our own concept of an electric supercar based on several original systems created by the concern. This technology will allow us to stand in line with the world's electric car manufacturers, like Tesla, and compete with them. We were inspired by the experience of world market leaders when creating our concept," Sputnik cited the company as saying.

According to the company, the future electric car will receive a common onboard calculator of its own design, which will allow monitoring the state of the engine, inverter and battery.

The Kalashnikov Concern added that in the future, the electric car, created on the basis of the technology being developed, will be able to generate a speed that is several times higher than that of the electric cars produced by the concern.


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