Karabakh occupants clashes with Russian peacekeepers  (VIDEO)

Karabakh occupants clashes with Russian peacekeepers  (VIDEO)

Vestnik Kavkaza has received video footage of the Russian peacekeepers involved in the operation in Azerbaijan's Aghdam region to force a detachment of Armenia's occupation forces to leave the Azerbaijani territories.

One of the videos shows Russian soldiers taking up a position and holding the invaders' hideout at gunpoint, while filming them. The military man says that there are about 12 Armenian servicemen who do not want to leave the occupied land.

Russian peacekeepers persuade them to surrender in Armenian and Russian. The operation is carried out according to the standards of the Russian CTO, according to which the neutralization of terrorist groups is carried out.

In another video, one can hear what the peacekeepers tell to the invaders. "Your resistance makes no sense now. Your death will change nothing. We ask you to lay down your arms," ​​they announce over the loudspeaker in Russian and in Armenian.

Earlier, the Russian media reported about the clash between the Russian peacekeepers and the units of the Armenian occupying forces, citing their sources.


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