Karabakh separatists commit provocation against Russian peacekeepers

Karabakh separatists commit provocation against Russian peacekeepers

The "New Year's message" of an unidentified Russian peacekeeper to the Armenian population of the liberated regions of Azerbaijan was distributed in the social networks. In the video, the peacekeeper sends greetings to the residents of the Azerbaijani city of Lachin, calling it ”Berdzor" at the request of unknown provocateurs.

According to the speech of the Russian soldier,  he does not understand the essence of the processes taking place in the region and says to the camera what the provocateurs asked him to, including supporting revanchist sentiments for the re-occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan.

It is important to emphasize that the activities of the Russian peacekeeping mission in the liberated lands of Azerbaijan, as well as the overall position of the Russian Federation on the post-war situation in the South Caucasus, are aimed at stabilizing the region. In this direction, the Russian military is doing a great job, which brings positive results every day.

Such provocations are very harmful as they are being committed against the peacekeepers by the supporters of Karabakh’s occupation staying on Azerbaijani lands. Attempts to present Russians as participants in revanchist actions are directed against Russian interests in the South Caucasus.

In this regard, it is necessary to intensify efforts to prevent such provocations, including raising awareness of the peacekeeping mission personnel about what is happening in the liberated regions of Azerbaijan and the illegality of any attempts to question the peaceful future of Karabakh as an internationally recognized territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is also important to be cautious in contacts with the population, as there may be separatist provocateurs.


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