Karapetyan meets with protesting university students

Karapetyan meets with protesting university students

Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has met with students gathered outside the Government Building in Yerevan to protest a government sponsored bill that would do away with most student draft deferments, Hetq Online reports.

Hundreds of university students have boycotted classes for several days now in protest.

“We would like to hold this meeting today realizing that each of you feels a debt an obligation towards the country. When asking questions, I am certain that each of us understands the obligations we have as citizens, and the challenges we face,” Karapetyan is reported to have said at the start of the meeting according to the government press release.

The prime minister added that, “We all realize that if we aren’t smart, we will not have a good future. Thus, we measure each step that can damage that future carefully.”


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