Kosachev: UN resolution on Crimea can lead to tragedy

Kosachev: UN resolution on Crimea can lead to tragedy

The United Nations General Assembly's resolution on Crimea will give Kiev a free hand in taking any steps which can lead to tragedy, chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the senator, the resolution will not have legal consequences, but it may have military-political consequences.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution proposed by Ukraine on "militarization problem" of Crimea and the waters of the Azov and Black Sea. 66 countries supported the document, 19 were against it, 72 - abstained.

According to the resolution, presence of the Russian military in Crimea contradicts the national sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The document also condemns Russia because of constructing a bridge across the Kerch Strait.