Kremlin: Nobody to listen to statements about "danger" of Nord Stream 2

Kremlin: Nobody to listen to statements about "danger" of Nord Stream 2

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes that amid the current world gas prices, hardly anyone will listen to claims about the "danger" of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

"As for these warnings to Ukrainians and Europeans that this is an extremely dangerous project and so on, amid the current gas prices, in the current catastrophic situation with the filling of underground gas storage facilities, it is unlikely that anyone is ready to listen to these cries," Peskov said in an interview with Channel One.

He underscored the fact that despite all the "green" processes, gas continues to be the cleanest fuel, and pipe gas is a guaranteed energy resource both in terms of volume and price.

"And so it will be in the foreseeable future," Peskov said.

"Therefore, gas is needed. In order to have more gas for development and emerging from pandemic Europe, it must go along two lines. Europe is interested in this," the press secretary of the Russian leader noted.

He added that Moscow, as a responsible member of the international energy community, is also interested in this and is ready to be a reliable supplier.

Dmitry Peskov also said that "Russia hopes that no one and nothing will be able to hamper the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 project."

"Now we know that the project is in its final stage. We hope that nothing and no one will be able to interfere with the commissioning of this large infrastructure facility," he said.


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