Kremlin: attempts to link fresh US sanctions to Salisbury incident inadmissible

Kremlin: attempts to link fresh US sanctions to Salisbury incident inadmissible

The Kremlin believes attempts to link fresh US sanctions to the Salisbury incident are inadmissible, Russia had nothing to do with that incident, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"We believe linking new restrictive measures, which we continue to consider illegitimate, to the Salisbury case is totally unacceptable," he stressed. "We once again flatly reject any accusations regarding the possible involvement of the Russian state in what happened in Salisbury," TASS cited Peskov as saying. "That’s out of the question," the spokesman stressed.

Kremlin believes that it is too early to speak of Moscow’s retaliatory measures against the new US sanctions. "We heard the official statements about the so-called new sanctions and we heard some high-profile source saying that some restrictions could be introduced against Russia," the spokesman said. "As we still do not understand what it means officially, it would be definitely wrong to speak of any retaliatory measures now," he pointed out.

But he noted that Russia still hopes to build constructive relations with the United States and other Western countries but regrets that there is no reciprocity here.

"No doubt, Russia keeps hope alive to build constructive ties with Washington as these relations do not only serve the interests of our two nations but also the interests of strategic stability and security around the world," the spokesman said, noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about this at the Helsinki summit with US President Donald Trump last month.

The Russian president has shown his constructive attitude many times as well as his readiness to search for solutions to challenging situations and discuss thorny issues. "No one has any grounds to doubt that President Putin keeps this attitude. We regret that very often we do not see reciprocity here from our vis-a-vis in the West," Peskov said.


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