Kremlin blasts West’s spying on Russians

Kremlin blasts West’s spying on Russians

There is a growing number of cases when foreign special services spy on Russians, Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said citing special services.

"Certainly, we are not glad that various special services are spying everywhere on our citizens," he said, recalling that Russian special services repeatedly warned that various foreign spies in Russia have significantly stepped up their activities over the past years. "Certainly, this is unacceptable. Of course, we do not approve of this. We condemn this," Peskov stressed.

Peskov admitted that Internet companies have the right to share data on their users with competent bodies if this is stipulated by special agreements. "Certainly, at the request of some investigative bodies the companies may hand over data if this is written in respective agreements on using services," Peskov noted.

"It seems to me that here we should rely mostly on judicial practice." TASS cited him as saying.

"As for surveillance in the Internet, the entire Internet is transparent and we should accept this a priori. Everything is seen there that’s why it’s absurd and wrong to expect any confidentiality and privacy here," the spokesman stressed.

Espionage activities against Russia never stopped, and the recent upsurge is due to the fact that the international situation, relations between our countries have generally deteriorated, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, a representative of the legislative body of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Vladimir Dzhabarov said, speaking with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"I think that the Western special services are showing great interest in our new weapon, which, fortunately, the Americans have not had yet. I think that they want to obtain  defense information, and, of course, I do not exclude their attempt to recruit promising officials to use them in the interests against Russia," Dzhabarov stressed.

"Their main task is to obtain military secrets, information about our new weapons, because our Avangard missile have bypassed the Americans.So they are trying to know its secrets. The special responsibility lies with the FSB here, whose task is to prevent the enemy from penetrating to our state facilities," the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs noted.

"Espionage is conducted in all directions. They are not engaged in just defense industry. But their main aspiration, of course, is aimed at obtaining information, recruiting a number of persons who possess top secret information - it’s very important for them," Vladimir Dzhabarov concluded.


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