Kremlin comments on UK report on 'dirty money' from Russia

Kremlin comments on UK report on 'dirty money' from Russia

London’s actions that prepared a report on ‘dirty money’ from Moscow evidence that investors from other countries contributing money to the UK economy may face a similar threat, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"Investors from any country can face a situation after such actions of the United Kingdom, when their investments will be called "dirty money," Peskov said commenting on the report titled 'Moscow's Gold: Russian Corruption in the U.K.,' released in London. The press secretary added that there is no doubt investors from other countries will take not of such developments.

Peskov said that the Russian business was developing, growing and making a peaceful expansion to other countries in recent decades. "However, we along with you have started registering signs of unfriendly competition, unfair and unlawful competition in recent years contrary to all norms and rules of the World Trade Organization. Such instances do harm to interests of our companies," the press secretary said. 

The report published by London "is the next step in line with unfriendly and unfair competition," he added.


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