Kremlin: no solution reached on mutual recognition of vaccines yet

Kremlin: no solution reached on mutual recognition of vaccines yet

No solution on the issue of mutual recognition of vaccines has been reached at this point, it needs to be resolved on a mutual basis, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday.

"No, there is no solution to this issue yet, but we know that it exists," the spokesman said when asked whether the Kremlin has an understanding on how to regulate the issue with the non-recognition of Russian vaccine certificates at the global level and the difficulties with Russia issuing QR codes for foreigners inoculated with non-Russian vaccines.

Peskov stressed that this work should be carried out on a mutual basis. "Of course, we need to work together here," he said. "We can’t put our citizens, who already encounter significant difficulties while traveling abroad, into a discriminated position."

Non-recognition of vaccines is a big problem, Peskov said. "This is the question that we need to find an answer to with our international partners," he stated. "For example, we would welcome it if our vaccine was recognized in the corresponding foreign structures," the spokesman added.

The Kremlin official added that the Moscow government is aware of the issue with providing QR codes to foreign citizens vaccinated with non-Russian vaccines. "It will be solved gradually," the spokesman assured.