Kusturica falls in love with Crimea

Kusturica falls in love with Crimea

After a walk through Bakhchisarai and performances in the cellar of the 17th-century Karaite estate in Chaush-Kobasy in Crimea, Serbian film director and musician Emir Kusturica declared that he fell in love with Crimea and expressed a desire to return to the peninsula again, the organizers of his trip reported.

"This year, Emir Kusturica and his musicians decided to take a better look at Crimea. The artists visited Bakhchisarai, climbed the cave city at Chufut-Kale on jeeps, and in Bakhchisarai, they improvisedly performed in one of the caves of Chufut-Kale (Chausch-Kobasy called an acoustic cave). The musicians performed a Serbian patriotic song, " the organizers told, TASS reports.


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