Kvirikashvili promises to build a rich Georgia

Kvirikashvili promises to build a rich Georgia

The international forum 'Prospects of democratic and economic development of Georgia' opened today in Georgia. Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said in his opening address that the activity of the government is open and transparent. He noted that "the economic policies of the government are aimed at ensuring rapid and efficient growth based on the development of the real sector of the economy that can help to solve the country's current economic problems." According to Kvirikashvili, "economic growth will lead to the improvement of people's living standards and ensure the prosperity and social equality of each member of society." Among the main areas of politics and economics, which will contribute to the further Europeanization of the country, he singled out the development of private entrepreneurship and the creation of high-paying jobs. The Prime Minister noted that "Georgia is not very rich in natural resources, that is why all our attention should be transferred to our main resource – our people."

It is worth noting that the discussion of the program of the Georgian government against the background of the collapse of the national currency (the GEL depreciated against the dollar by about 30% in 2015), a reduction in economic growth and the general impoverishment of the population.

A correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza interviewed Georgian experts on how the economic aims, which were announced at the forum, are achievable.

In an interview with our correspondent, Georgian political scientist Iosif Tsiskarishvili said that "Georgia has been dreaming for four years. The Georgian Dream is leading the party, and a lot of dreamers have appeared in comparison with previous years. The fact that the current new Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili takes a thoughtful and realistic position adds optimism. If we take into account the fact that the Prime Minister is an economist he can give such a task, especially if he has plans to attract new investors to many areas of the Georgian economy. But now high pay is just a dream. Of course, if our prime minister has such a desire he will be supported not only by our local, but also foreign investors. Because many indicators shiw that there is a good investment climate in the country. We can found sufficient grounds for optimism. But I would still refrain from mixing optimism and dreams," Tsiskarishvili said.

The head of the Center for Security Studies and International Relations, Nika Chitadze, said that the development of private entrepreneurship and the creation of high-paying jobs is necessary, first of all, in order to attract foreign investment to various sectors of the Georgian economy.

"The country has great potential in tourism, hydropower, industry and agriculture, so these four areas should be priorities for the government support measures. In addition, the government should support the extension of the territory of Georgia, activities of free economic zones that create favorable conditions for the increase of jobs in various sectors of the Georgian economy for the development of the private sector,'' the expert said.



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