Kyrgyzstan sees record high of 1,965 daily COVID-19 cases

Kyrgyzstan sees record high of 1,965 daily COVID-19 cases

Kyrgyzstan confirmed 1,965 COVID-19 cases over the past day, the highest case tally since the start of the pandemic, the Central Asian republic’s crisis center reported on Wednesday.

"Over the past day, 1,965 new cases of the coronavirus infection were recorded, since the start of the pandemic 125,003 cases have been registered (some 1.9% of citizens)," a spokesman for the crisis center reported. This is a record high daily caseload since the pandemic began. The previous record high case tally of 1,600 was confirmed in July 2020.

According to the crisis center, as many as 110,083 people have recovered in Kyrgyzstan (571 over the past day) and another 2,000 have died (eight over the past 24 hours). Amid the growing number of COVID-19 cases, the Health Ministry is urgently equipping hospitals to receive COVID-19 patients.

Kyrgyzstan launched vaccination on March 29, 2020, however just over 100,000 citizens have been inoculated with Russia’s Sputnik V and China’s Sinopharm jab. The republic has received a total of 250,000 vaccine doses. Kyrgyzstan has not got 2.6 mln doses under the COVAX program, which were expected to arrive this February.

Kyrgyzstan, home to nearly 6.5 mln citizens, has registered three waves of the COVID-19 spread. The first wave hit the republic in June 2020, when doctors registered between 900 and 1,600 COVID-19 cases. The second wave was confirmed late last year, when the number of COVID-19 cases reached 300 per day. In early June 2021, the Health Ministry officially declared the beginning of the third wave. A state of emergency announced in March 2020 is in effect in the republic.


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