Lavrov: Russia to work on coordination of states within UN as chair of BRICS

Lavrov: Russia to work on coordination of states within UN as chair of BRICS

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that as BRICS chair in 2020, Russia will continue to expand strategic partnership of the organization’s states, working on strengthening foreign policy coordination on various multilateral platforms, namely within the UN.

"In 2020, Russia will take the helm of BRICS. We intend to ensure continuity and harmonious transition from the Brazil Chairmanship to the Russian one. We will continue the policy of progressive and comprehensive enhancement of the strategic partnership of the BRICS countries. Certainly, we are interested in increasing financial and economic cooperation among the participating countries, effective industrial interaction and practical cooperation in developing and implementing new joint energy, telecommunications and high-tech projects," the minister wrote in the article titled "BRICS Strategic Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth."

He noted that Russia's priorities include enhanced foreign policy coordination within leading multilateral fora, primarily in the UN, which will turn 75 next year.

"I am confident that in the storming ocean of the world politics the BRICS 'ship' will steer a steady course and further contribute significantly to maintaining international stability and ensuring global economic growth. The Brasilia Summit is aimed to be another important milestone in pentalateral cooperation and on its way to new prospects," TASS cited Lavrov as saying.