Lebanese leader accepts cabinet resignation

Lebanese leader accepts cabinet resignation

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has accepted resignation of the cabinet led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Monday, the leader’s press service said in a statement.

"Prime Minister [Hassan] Diab have handed in his written resignation request to President Michel [Aoun], who accepted it and instructed his cabinet to carry out their duties before a new government is formed," the statement notes. 

In a conversation, the politicians discussed the latest developments in Lebanon after a major explosion rocked Beirut’s seaport on August 4. The Lebanese leader thanked members of the resigned cabinet for the work they did.

"God save Lebanon," Diab said when leaving the palace. In his final televised address to the nation earlier, he lamented that the "system of corruption turned out to be stronger than the state of Lebanon." "We were not pursuing any personal ambitions, but the circles that were in power for 30 years launched a campaign to harass the government and turned the nation against it," TASS cited him as saying.

Diab explained that he hopes his move will unlock way to domestic political settlement in the country.