Lilia Gumerova: Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be very interesting

Lilia Gumerova: Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be very interesting

Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be very interesting, chairman of the Russia Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture Lilia Gumerova said in an exclusive interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

“Despite the fact that it’s still 11AM, about 10% of voters have already voted in this polling station. We spoke to the head of the precinct election commission, he said that the turnout is traditionally high. According to her, about 70-80% of voters always participate in elections. Overall, these elections are very interesting. We talked with our colleagues, with members of the CEC. Initially, over 2,000 candidates announced their participation in the parliamentary elections, about 1314 were registered, and over 20 parties are represented today," Russian senator said.

In addition, she highlighted high level of organization of the elections. “We see that some observers are a little nervous, they think Azerbaijani side doesn't show them something. But in reality it's definetely not the case. When we arrived here we see that all the information is available, all the lists are open, transparent," she noted.

Elections to the Azerbaijani parliament of the sixth convocation kicked off Feb.9. Around 883 international and 77,790 local observers will observe the voting process. Of the local observers, 35,152 are representatives of political parties. International observers represent 58 countries and 59 organizations.


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