London's anti-Russian organization revealed in Armenia

London's anti-Russian organization revealed in Armenia

The British Integrity Initiative project acted in Armenia for anti-Russian purposes. The relevant information was revealed by the hackers from the Anonymous group who published various documents including contracts, lists of experts and journalists ambivalent to Russia, schedules of propaganda materials, as well as payments for the custom articles.

Anonymous revealed information for its own reasons, trying to show the waste of British taxpayers' money on the subversive anti-Russian activities in the post-Soviet space. In addition to Armenia, in the secret documents, there is also the information about Salisbury and London’s operations in Syria. All the facts point to the UK’s active information war against Russia.

The hackers managed to hack the working schedule of the British "Institute of Public Administration" only for 2016, but it shows the active promotion of the "negative role of Russia in the world" by pro-British Armenian experts and journalists. Among other materials paid by London is Eduard Abrahamyan’s article entitled  “Moscow fears that the Armenian velvet revolution may weaken its influence on Yerevan” - this work was written for £ 265.

Among the successes of the anti-Russian activities of the British NGO in Armenia, are 8 Ofcom’s complaints about Russia Today for “lack of impartiality” with a request to open an investigation against the Russian media, and coverage of protests in Armenia corresponding to the British order, focusing on the “negative role of Russia” as well as harassment of the journalists who maintained the constructive contacts with Russian journalists.

Moreover, the NPO has compiled a separate list of Armenian experts and politicians who do not want to conduct subversive activities against Russia as the primary objects of information attacks within the framework of the Integrity Initiative.

Note that the Integrity Initiative project has not been updated since the year before, all its output data, including the names of employees, is erased, and the online publications are currently performed by robots.


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