Lyudmila Bokova: the rights of migrant workers in Russia are protected

Lyudmila Bokova: the rights of migrant workers in Russia are protected

Today the deputy chairwoman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, a representative of the executive body of the government of the Saratov Region, Lyudmila Bokova, visited the studio of Vestnik Kavkaza. During the Tribune program she talked about a wide range of topics, including the protection of the rights of children with disabilities, the current condition of the state exam, the PABSEC activities and legislative regulation of labour migrants' work.

In particular, the senator said that since the beginning of the year it has been possible to build a legal framework in the field of migration policy in Russia. "All the activities that were adopted at the legislative level, in way or another pursued the suppression of the illegal involvement of migrant workers, which, unfortunately, creates a negative precedent in terms of violations of workers' rights. Above all, their right to decent wages and a social package are violated. We are a civilized country, and we cannot afford such things," Bokova stressed.

The senator specified that the new requirements have changed the structure of labour migration. "Those who come from CIS countries pass exams on knowledge of the Russian language, history and the legal framework of the Russian Federation easily enough. The situation with Eastern countries, whose citizens could hardly overcome this barrier, is much more difficult, which is why the flow has dropped significantly. For them, we introduced the so-called regional component of the exam, which allows you to prepare consistently and successfully pass the exam in order to get the right to work here," Bokova explained.

Lyudmila Bokova also spoke about her legislative initiative in the field of labor migration. "This is quite a promising direction, which allows highly qualified specialists to be qualified more clearly, to create the possibility of using existing quotas to attract low-skilled labor, and specifically for highly qualified specialists for a decent wage. Today we have a large enough labor market and highly skilled professionals are in demand in segments of our economy. My legislative initiative will allow us to have an idea about the possibilities of our market and regions in order to arrange our citizens in vacant positions at first, and then invite migrant workers to unclaimed positions," the senator said.


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