Macron: EU security requires dialogue with Russia

Macron: EU security requires dialogue with Russia

Europe needs to launch a new dialogue on cybersecurity, chemical weapons and a number of other security issues with Russia, French President Emmanuel Macron said today during his speech to French ambassadors.

Macron revealed a new push for the European defense project, adding that continent's security shouldn't depend on the US. "Europe can no longer rely on the United States for its security. It is up to us to guarantee European security," he said in a major speech to relaunch his diplomatic agenda.

"We need a strategic partnership with Russia and Turkey," Macron said, explaining that "we are talking about important countries that need to be" attached" to Europe."

At the same time, the French president noted the first results of the joint Russia-French mechanism on the Syrian settlement.

"The mechanism of coordination with Russia, created in St. Petersburg, has produced first results, in particular in the humanitarian sphere," Macron told ambassadors in Paris, as broadcast by his official Twitter account.


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